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GALLERY OF PALMS: Images of Rhapis, Rare Variegated Rhapis in flower, Palms, Cycads, Variegated Cycads and much more

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Pictures All Taken on Our Farm in Kin Kin (except "In a QLD Town" - Sabal)



Eizannishiki and Mangetsunotakara



Taizannishiki and Heiseinishiki



or Southern Mountain Palm

Nanzannishiki again


Rhapis excelsa in bloom


Foxtails in seed


Rhapis excelsa  in afternoon sun!


More Rhapis bloom


Zuikonishiki in 300mm

Canary Island Date Palm

Kentia in seed





In a QLD Town


Zuikonishiki canes

Rockwalls, Rhapis and Spindle palms


Rhapis, Dracaena reflexa variegata

and Dypsis lutescens

Rhapis subtilis

Variegated Rhapis in bloom.


Archontophoenix alexandrae:

Alexander in flower


Alexander in seed



Wodyetia bifurcata:

Foxtail in bloom


A big bunch of Foxtail seed


Hyophorbe verschaffeltii:

Spindle Palm in bloom

Spindle Palm showing colour


Neodypsis decaryi:

The Triangle Palm with seed

Harmony of Palms


Cycads galore


Cycas revoluta aurea


Lytocaryum Weddelliana:

Wedding Palm in flower

Circinalis and Phoenix canarinensis


Chambeyronia macrocarpa new flush

Chambeyronia again

Wedding Palm with ripe seed

Wedding Palm


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