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Eastern Nurseries


Where we grow Cycas revoluta, Rhapis excelsa palms and other foliage plants for wholesale. We also produce the rare and collectable Miniature Green and Variegated Rhapis palms from Japan which are available through mail order.

Established in 1985, we are a wholesale production nursery situated in Kin Kin, a small village which is nestled in the the Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. It is one of the premier plant growing areas in the world and is rich in diverse wildlife, beautiful landscapes and is home to a community which is overflowing with creative talent - just to name a few characteristics of the local area!

Over the years we have grown many lines but now specialize in producing Cycas revoluta, Rhapis excelsa and for Collectors of rare plants throughout the world we have the Japanese Green and Variegated Rhapis selections and when available a rare variegated cycad. We have found that these plants easily tolerate the diverse extremes of our Australian Climate. We have also collected and planted many other different plant species on our farms over the years and it is from these plants that we harvest seed/canes for production. This large source of propagation material enables us to make available (as the market demands) other lines such as Kentia, Golden Cane, Wedding palm, Fox Tail, Alexander palm, bamboos of various types, Cordylines, Dracaenas and even some some exotic fruit trees.  Cycas revoluta and Rhapis excelsa palms are available to the wholesale, retail and landscape market all year round however there are numerous other "odds and ends" that we have in stock e.g specials, end of season and discontinued lines which are not featured on this site so please enquire!

In 2000 we developed new production areas in which we installed an irrigation system of our own design which enables us to capture all the 'waste' water from the nursery into a fully lined dam where it is stored until needed. It is then passed through a filtration and treatment process following which it is ready for reuse. This system has been working well since 2001 and whilst ensuring that we always have a good supply of quality water we are assured that the environment is safe from harm because all nursery run off is captured, contained and recycled.

The large loading bay from which we can side and back load the consignment with ease ensures that the plants are loaded and on their way to you in minimal time.

All images are of our own plants unless otherwise attributed!

Dear Customers,

Please follow this link to see images of the Green and Variegated Rhapis palm varieties.

To see what is available on our wholesale list  Visit this Link. For images of our wholesale stock please- Visit Us Here

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We wholesale:

  • Cycas Revoluta
  • Rhapis Excelsa

We have limited availability of

  • Japanese green rhapis
  • Japanese variegated rhapis
  • Variegated Cycads

By mail order




Sample Images

Click the thumbnails below to view the full sample images of our stock.

Cycas Revoluta Rhapis Excelsa Variegated Rhapis Green Rhapis

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